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blackboobsThere are many types of women. There are women who get really dramatic, who are all about business, or who are as cold as steel. Other women are really cold-blooded. If you cross them, wait for that knife in your back. These are the wrong kinds of women to fuck with. There are all types of women out there just as there all types of guys.

If you’re looking to turn a female friend into a sex buddy, make sure she’s the right type of girl. Otherwise, you might have all sorts of problems down the road. Not only you might have an angry ex or current boyfriend on your back; you might actually scar yourself emotionally or find yourself falling in love with this woman and all this time she thought she was just fucking you physically. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with you emotionally. You end up abused, feeling used, and guess what? You did it to yourself. You want to avoid all that unnecessary telenovela drama. Keep your mind focused on the following.

A slut doesn’t necessarily turn into a good sex buddy

If you have a friend who is a slut—meaning, she loves sex with anybody—that alone doesn’t necessarily mean she’d be a good sex buddy. She’s a sex dog or put more precisely, a sex hog. Basically, she just loves sex 24/7. That’s not a good sex buddy.

A sex buddy is all about friendship. It’s actually the friendship that makes a sex friend relationship worth hanging on to. It’s the good times you have together, not the moments you stick your dick in her and ejaculate in her. It’s not that. It’s the good times, the shared experiences, and the secrets being shared. That’s what makes a great intimate friends with benefits relationship.

It’s all about maturity

If you’re trying to figure out the type of woman that would make the best sex friend, focus on one thing and one thing alone: maturity. Not all women are mature. A lot of big butt women have issues with their fathers or have trust issues. Screw those women. They’re not mature enough for the kind of relationship you’re looking for. If you try to get into a sex friend situation with those women, chances are the arrangement will blow up in your face and guess what? You only have yourself to blame. Stay away from unnecessary drama and focus on women with a high enough level of maturity for this to work out.

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